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Empower Your Brand

Radio First

MyMelo is built from the ground up to serve the digital needs of the broadcasting world. We built the platform to allow you to extend your capabilities with your audience and business partners, locally and around the world. Your brand comes first, not ours. Then, we share best practices across our network, so you can choose what strategies fit your identity.

Retail for Radio

We saw that radio has been telling the world about all things entertainment for over a century, but sending people elsewhere to do business. We offer a full-stack solution to integrate into your existing digital environment with a range of styles and depth to allow your audience to do business with you directly, without redirecting them away from your experience.

What We Offer


We have over 37 million tracks to offer your listeners. We can tie to your existing listen live for direct sale, create additional streaming options, playlists, and work with local and emerging artists to see who might be the next big thing. You can decide to feature and promote the music online or on air. We handle all the licensing and royalty work, so it’s plug and play for you.


We host a variety of events in your area, and allow the audience to buy through you or through an affiliate that helps you capture part of the sale. We also allow local businesses to post directly into your digital environment to promote to your audience.


We leverage the power of our network to deliver programmatic revenue via our platform, as well as offering services to optimize your existing programmatic environments and gain an uplift in revenue.


Our platform is growing fast. As we extend new features they will be available to you without upgrade charges or new licenses. Your needs will be heard and we will work with you to deliver innovative solutions to your markets and enable you to take your digital revolution to the next level.

Our platform increases revenue and audience engagement with minimal up-front investment.

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Artists & Labels





Why MyMelo

MyMelo provides artists an affordable and user-friendly platform to post content, promote with radio, engage with fans, receive data-driven feedback and more.

Artists upload their music for a cataloging fee of as little as $12.50 a month; allowing for unlimited content.

When you sell music through MyMelo, you keep all profits made from sales - we won't take a commission.

Choose Your City and Watch Your Audience Grow

Artists are associated with the radio station they upload music to, Artists can also purchase “Featured” spots on participating station sites to further increase exposure.

Original work is available throughout the worldwide platform and is included in automated streaming based on station and listener preferences.

We make it easy to grow your audience.

Artist Dashboard

Stay Fresh and Connected

Personalized artist pages feature profile pictures, background art, bios, links to your social media, and more. MyMelo has all the tools you need to market your work.

Artists can share their content via direct links and social media. Look like a pro and avoid subscription hassles, compatibility issues, and messy website layouts with our intuitive user interface.

Watch doors open in your local area as you engage with your local stations or plan and book events at local venues through MyMelo!


Data and Analytics

Labels and Independent Artists now have an affordable platform to feature content and get real feedback on audience response. What tracks are getting played and requested? Where is your audience? Get the tools and feedback to effectively market your artists.

Maximize your marketing spend. Plan better tours! See where you are gaining traction or need more of an effort. Our data-driven analytic tools can give you the information you need to grow your audience.


Artist Pricing

Cataloguing Packages

Set up as a recurring billing structure

This allows one artist profile to be placed in the network-wide catalog

One user can buy multiple artist subscriptions if they have multiple artist identities to manage.


Featured Spots

A featured spot is a 1-week highly exposed spot on a given station's website.

Pricing is based on the market size of a given station


Are you a Record Label or Independent Artist?


The MyMelo platform's anonymized consumer data and analytics allow you to better target your ad spend leading to a measurable ROI. Advertise on our Event Calendar and Music Explorer through programmatic or self service ads.

Our data and analytics will allow you to target your message by region, musical preferences and more. As we add more stations, our integrated network amplifies the benefits to both you and our consumers.

Are you a local business? Are radio spots too expensive for you? Our self-service ad placement will allow you to reach your local community and get your message out for a reasonable price.

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