If you are a Broadcaster, please contact our Sales Team to learn more about how we can help you increase revenue and audience engagement with minimal up-front investment..

Record Labels

If you are a Label, or other prospective partner organization, please contact our Sales Team to explore the many ways we can work together to benefit your organization.


Independent Artists, Event Promoters, Advertisers

If you are an Independent Artist or Event Promoter/Advertiser, we want to keep it simple and to be the best deal around.


Event Promoters & Advertisers

Whether you are a local business, a tour manager, or own a hot dog cart, if our local partner station’s listeners should be aware of your enterprise, you can place an event directly onto the station’s calendar. Pricing varies by the size of the audience for that partner. We know a lot of you want to work with radio but find the minimum commitments too expensive. We listened and provided a way to reach that audience affordably.

If you want to give your event an extra boost, we provide an additional layer of visibility via the Featured Event campaigns, which cost a little more but get a lot more attention.

Independent Artists:


You can select a 6 or 12 month recurring plan for each Artist Profile hosted in our catalog. The 12 month plan is a better deal, averaging $12.50 a month. That puts you in the catalog across our entire network—to be searched, discovered, or pushed to people's streams anywhere we have radio partners.

This isn't just for streaming, but sales as well. For all music sales, you set the price, and we do not take a commission. We only deduct what the banks charge us to process the transaction. You get 100% of net proceeds. You should get paid for your art. We also know your fans will want to support you if you let them know, and we want to help you see your dreams realized.

If you want to put a few dollars toward marketing yourself, you can push your profile to one of the Featured slots on a partner site. The pricing for that varies by the size of the audience, since more people means more exposure for you. But we make it affordable because we have artists working here too. We get it.